K2investing is dedicated to ensure the security and safety of its customers’ funds. Our compliance department is constantly striving to combat online frauds whilst making K2investing one of the most secure places to trade Forex/CFD online.

We adhere to the strictest rules and regulations, in accordance to the international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism Acts.

As a financial institution, we are therefore legally required to provide governments and relevant authorities with the identification information of all of our customers.

We kindly request you to provide our Compliance Department with your KYC documents and provide us with relevant proof of identity.

If the required documents are not received within 24hours, K2investing Compliance Department reserves the right to temporarily suspend the trading account until all the mandatory documents are received.

Also note that accounts which have been temporarily suspended may not open trading positions manually.

Once you have submitted KYC documents to our compliance department, we will be able to confirm your identity, enabling you to trade safely, quickly and smoothly.

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